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An awesome jumping game with cute characters

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A great cross platform mobile racing game

Jumpers Arena is a mobile platform racing game. Players can have a match with another players online, or fight against monsters solo. Customize your character, pick up the props and jump higher!

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Game Features


We have offer multiplayer mode, you can play with your friend or even the one you love .


Our game is totally free. All you need to do is enjoy your game.


If you don't have friend to play, you can play with the AI which is very smart!

Props and Talents

Each of our characters has an unique talent and there are many different types of prop for you to use.


Game has been fully tested by our developer and have a very great balance.

Our Team

Dateng Liu

Game Developer, Test, tested our game and makes our game a perfect balanced game.

Yiye Lin

Designer, in charge of our UI/UX design, all of the art asset comes from her hand.

Xuyang Wang

Game Developer, in charge of multiplayer mode development, solved many complex network issues.

Xinwei Li

Web Developer, in charge of our website development and also did game test tasks.

Haotian Zhang

Game Developer, in charge of single player mode development, build the single game logic and reusable interface for multiplayer.

Jianyang Zhang

Team Leader, progress monitoring and version control. Also in charge of the multiplayer lobby system and front-end elements development.

Yufei Zhang

Game Developer, mainly focus on the AI development and tried best to make our AI "smart".

Any Suggestions

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